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St. Teresa Catholic School
St. Teresa Catholic School, 1108 Lebanon Ave, Belleville, IL 62221 618-235-4066

Dear Friends,

I’m delighted to introduce you to St. Teresa Catholic School for grades Pre-K through 8th grade.  It is our mission to continue the tradition of Academic Excellence – fostering lives of faith, lifelong learners and compassionate leaders.  We nurture a joy for learning and a passion to pursue their interests within a Faith-Filled environment.

I would love the opportunity to meet you and show you the excellent facility including technology advancements and S.T.E.M. Lab.  Most of all I would like to share our wonderful community we have here at St. Teresa.

St. Teresa School consists of teachers, staff, students and parents. Together we become a school community – a school family.  Together we share the responsibility of teaching our students guided by our faith in God and our prayers to our Blessed Mother, Mary.  Our outstanding faculty, who reflects and supports family values, will be the hallmark of our academic excellence.

Thank you for visiting our website.  I hope to see you soon as a St. Teresa Tiger.


Principal Sandy Jouglard


St. Teresa Catholic School, an integral component of St. Teresa Parish, serves the community by passing on the Catholic faith and values while immersing the student within a Christ-centered environment.  A continued partnership of St. Teresa Parish, families, and staff within a tradition of academic excellence will provide students the opportunity to learn about the Church’s teachings, to incorporate them in their daily life, and to take an active role in addressing social concerns.  We are committed to serve the children and families who desire a Catholic education.

Philosophy of St. Teresa Catholic School

Education at St. Teresa Catholic School is a gradual development of the human person through the inspiration of the Divine. It is a continuation and an enrichment of what is begun in the home that strives to develop the spiritual, academic, social, and psychological aspects of the child.  The philosophy of the school is based on the principle that Catholic schools are to be communities of faith, in which the Christian message, the experience of community, worship, and social concern are integrated in the total education experiences of the students, their parents and members of the faculty.

Our school, in accordance with the above principles established by the United States bishops in their most recent Catechetical Directory, Sharing the Light of Faith, focuses on trying to maintain the highest possible standards of education. As a faith community and as members of an educational institution, the faculty of St. Teresa’s determines specific objectives each year to further the accomplishment of these goals.

In order to achieve the knowledge and skills required by our society for genuine participation and leadership in the world of tomorrow, as well as to achieve the openness of mind and generosity of spirit needed to attain a sincere concern for all humanity, it is presumed that parents who enroll their children in St. Teresa Catholic School will share this responsibility for their children.