Pastor: Msgr. David Darin

Principal:  Sandy Jouglard    

Assistant Principal:  Lauren Robinson 

Office Staff

Secretary:  Shelly Dowling
Nurse:  Janine Gosebrink 


Pre-K Teacher:  Jeannie O'Dell 
Pre-K Aide:  Laura White
Pre-K Teacher:  Nichole Mueller 
Pre-K Aide: Tracy Gray
Pre-K Specials:  Mary Sciarra 
Pre-K Specials:  Beth Irwin

Kindergarten:  Kim Welch 

1st Grade: Nicole McAnulty 

2nd Grade:  Maribeth Nelson 

3rd Grade:  Jessica Hughes 

4th Grade:  Kerry Maguire 

5th Grade (and 7th & 8th Grade English and Reading:  Dawn Spain 

6th Grade (and 5th & 6th Grade English and Reading):  Carrie Thouvenot 

7th Grade (and Math):  Donna Klaus 

8th Grade (and Social Studies): Jamie Dedmon 

5th-8th Grade Science:  Lauren Robinson 

K-8 STEM (and 7th grade Math): Adrianne Neville 

Director of Religious Education:  Jenifer Lohmann 

Fine Arts/Health:  Lori Myers 

Library:  Nilufer Fries 

Physical Education: Barbie Duncan


Support Staff

Food Service Supervisor:  Sharon Sullivan    Lunch Menu
Cashier:  Vicky Dunn 
Cafe:  Chris Boivin , Sue Potje  , Carl Reed

Counselor:  Amy Champion

Day Custodian:  Brendan Miller
Night Custodian: Brian Tourville

Athletic Director:  Joe Voss
Asst. Athletic Director:  Tim Becherer