Weekly Info. November 9

Monday, November 12:
• No School
• Veterans Day

Tuesday, November 13:

Wednesday, November 14:
• Mass 8:30
• End of Penny Wars

Thursday, November 15:

Friday, November 16:
• Grandparents Day (Grandparents are welcome from 9:30-10:30 @ school for donuts/juice in the classrooms)
• Mass @ 8:30 (Grandparents can meet us at church for mass)

• Thank you to all our volunteers who helped with Vision and Hearing Screenings
(Liz Alverez, Gail Viviano, Stacy Patton, Cindy Pawlow, Jamee Schroeder, Julie
• Reminder: You can drop off students at 6:45 in the back of the school and everyone should enter from Korner or Church Street and exit on Lebanon Ave.

1. Belleville Veterans Day Ceremony
2. Junior Saint Vincent De Paul
3. Lip Sync Information
4. American Red Cross